National Geographic Mega Science Series: Sensory Science Kit

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The National Geographic Mega Science Series Sensory Science Kit is a one-stop science pack with more than 12 awesome activities and 6 varieties of slime, putty, and play sand!

Our natural play sand comes with 6 sand molds and a convenient play tray. It won’t dry out, so there are endless amounts of time for imaginative play!

Sculpting sand is unlike any kinetic sand you’ve seen! It feels amazing, holds its shape, and is also soft and fluffy in your hands.
Hydrophobic sand is incredible sand to conduct experiments with since it never gets wet!
Our snotty slime and liquid slime come pre-made, so are ready to play right out of the box. The textural differences between the two are astounding!

Our easy-to-follow instructions also include a number of slime recipes you can make at home with common household items.
Magnetic putty comes in the kit as well, along with a horseshoe magnet that makes the putty move on its own!
This kit is great for families that like to play together, and the detailed learning guide provides plenty of science so is also perfect as part of the home school curriculum.

Explore the incredible textures and behaviours of slime, putty, and play sand while encouraging creative, imaginative play!