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Mustela-Stelatopia Cleansing Gel 200ml

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Mustela Stelatopia Cleansing Gel is a bath product for babies with eczema skin.

- 98% ingredients of natural origin, including Organic sunflower oil distillate.

- Gently cleanses and leaves a protective film on the skin.

- Soothes sensations of discomfort and tightness.

- Mitigates the drying effects of bathing.

- Reduces feelings of discomfort

- Leaves the skin soft, supple and comfortable

- Pleasant gel texture.

-Creamy soft foam.

- Rinses off quickly.

- Tear-free formula.

- 0% fragrance, 0% paraben, 0% phthalate, 0% phenoxyethanol

- Dermatologist and pediatrician tested.