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LeapFrog Choppin' Fun Learning Pot

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• Ages 1-4 yrs.

• Chop and drop - Chop four veggies in half and drop them into the pot to hear sound effects, learning phrases and counting.

• Count with the pot - Count to 10 with learning recipes, or count five splashes along with the pot

• Explore four food buttons - Press to hear the pot describe the vegetables' food and color, play a silly melody, and suggest recipes like rainbow soup

• Make pretend meal - Follow five interactive recipes and hear vocabulary words about foods, colors and numbers

• Lights and colors - Turn the number dial to hear the temperature and watch the front face panel light up with colors and pretend boiling water

• Easily clean up - All the play food and cooking pieces store inside or on the pot

• Teaches Skills: Colors, Counting, Pretend Play, Vocabulary