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Hegen PCTO™ Electric Breast pump accessories

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Our breast pump accessories are sold separately to facilitate ease of replacing your breast pump parts.

Hegen eCap and eDiaphragm : Depending on the frequency and intensity of use, we recommend replacing the eCap and eDiaphragm every 2-3 months or as soon as wear and tear is observed. This is to ensure that the expression of milk will not be affected by worn out/used parts during the pump cycles.

Hegen Kneading Ring : The Hegen Kneading Ring transforms the Hegen Electric Breast Pump into a massager that helps relieve body aches and sore muscles experienced by breastfeeding mothers. The gentle cupping and kneading sensation also releases tension from breast engorgement and helps to stimulate milk supply.

Hegen Silicone Tubing