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NUK STAR Day & Night Silicone Soother 6 - 18 / 18 - 36 m

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Our NUK STAR Day & Night soother simply the best for 99% of babies because of its shape, design and size variety.

Soothes 99% of babies*
Orthodontic and breastfeeding-friendly*
with soft-zone extra soft on the top: Moulds itself perfectly to baby's palate.
extra flat: more space for the tongue and the natural sucking movement

  • Extra thin and narrow teat neck: reduces pressure on jaw and teeth

  • Night version with glow-in-the-dark effect, easy to find in the dark

  • Flattened knob Ideal to sleep

  • Robust, reusable transport box for hygienic preparation in the microwave
    Eye-catching, space-saving shelf-ready pack for flexible placement on hook or in the shelf