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59S UVC LED S6 Mini Sterilizing Box

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features & benefits
  • suitable for various baby products: store and sterilize the nipple, teether, teething clip, and small toys. its useful for mother and holding baby soother home and travel
  • pacify your baby in time: you can conform you baby in time after putting the baby pacifier into the box to disinfect in 59 second
  • help reducing odors: helps reduce pacifier odors caused by baby's saliva, metamorphic milk
  • safe and quick: making your item new in just 59 seconds with automatic shut off, storages and keeps contents safe if the lid is unopened
  • operate this product on 5v ac or 500ma (micro usb) or 3 x aa batteries only
  • comes with a silicone strap
  • what can be sterilized: pacifier, nipple, studs, earrings, denture, etc.
  • uv light wavelength: 260 nm-280 nm