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59S UVC LED Milk Bottle Sterilizing Box (Battery Version)

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This is a sterilizing box powered by UV LED Technology, mainly features at sterilizing, drying, smart temperature control and sterile storage. One-click to achieve 99.9% sterilization rate, it's safe to take good care of your babies! This product can be effectively sterilized in 3 minutes after testing by the authoritative organisation.

    • 3Mins 99.9% Sterilization Rate; Sterilization made easy and effective with UVC LED Technology
    • 360 Degree Coverage: 5 Sided Multi-directional sterilization and bottom reflection
    • Multi-purpose: suitable for bottles, cups, toothbrush, napkins, pacifiers, tableware and etc.
    • Deodorization: UVC waves remove milky smell of bottles, which encourages the baby to love drinking more
    • Smart Drying: Automated temperature drying and timer control based on the environmental conditions
    • Sterile Storage: Sterile storage with constant temperature control to keep warm and bacterial free
    • Portable for Travel: Great for home and outdoor
    • Sterilize for water and food: Mercury-free & ozone free, Sterilize for water and food (container required)
Inside Packaging : 

 1 X Sterilizing Box

1 X Power Adaptor

1 X Stainless Steel Tool Holder

1 X User Manual

1 X Reminder Tag

1 X Sterilization Testimonial