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Cuddle™ Portable Baby Co-Pod (Animal)

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  • DESIGNED FOR BABIES AND PARENTS: With padded side wall, removable mattress & infant pillow

  • MORE CUSHION - SAFER: Added extra crush to the side wall - Allow baby feels even more snuggled, while parents have more touch points to stop them rolling on top of baby and so you can use it as a travel baby bed without worrying about hard flooring or unknown, hard beds.

  • SIZED FOR BABY, AND BED: Fit to your Queen or King Bed and those who sleep in it (or playpen) and you’ll see your infant sleeper fits perfect. Need MORE room? Release the end for even more leg space!

  • VERSATILE VALUE: You can also use it for other things like tummy time or just hanging out! It can be used as a bedside sleeper and transition to toddler bed. Some parents even use it to move baby to playpen once they’ve fallen asleep.

The innovative Cuddle Portable Baby Co-Pod offers a multi-functional, portable baby bed for your little one which can be taken with you wherever you go.  It is dedicated to solving babies' sleep problems, while delivering the most suitable and safest for infants. It creates for your baby to rest, play and lounger, it’s great for Co Sleeping, Tummy Time, Daytime Napping, Infant Massaging, Diaper Changing, Lounging and Playing. Each is crafted using soft and non toxic fabric. We took the extra step to source this fabric because of its high quality. Our biggest fear is hurting baby while he or she sleeps. So we added extra crush to each side wall of the Co-Pod. Baby feels even more snuggled while parents have more touch points to stop them rolling on top of baby - Baby is sitting on the perfectly evened out mattress pad. This was designed with co-sleeping in mind - creates separate a safe sleeping space for co-sleeper baby in the bed with parents. The removable mattress & pillow is hand
washable, while the side bumper to be cleanable.