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Lamborghini Baby Walker

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Product Features:

    • Removable, vibrating activity center with lights, sounds, horn and steering wheel!.
    • Full-size snack tray under removable activity center.
    • Fully Padded, easy to clean and a comfortable seat!
    • Multiple anti-skid pads for safety.
    • Ignition key with engine startup sounds.
    • Gear stick with engine shifting sounds.
    • High-end PVC wheels for easy manueuvering.
    • Height adjustable with 3 positions.
    • Compact, easy to use fold for travel and storage.
Recommended to age: 7 months +, up to 12 kg


Product Dimensions : 71.5 x 63.5 x 28/49 cm

Product Weight : 5.2kg

***Authentic Lamborghini